Alex Holder | Masa Israel

Alex Holder
participant year: 
During the Spring 2010 semester I studied on the Maryland-in-Haifa program at Haifa University and can honestly say that this semester is one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was drawn to Haifa because of its uniqueness; while it is Israel's third largest city it has many aspects not available in other parts of the country. The city advocates for co-existence of its ethnically diverse communities who live and work together making it a great place to live and learn for a semester!
Living in the city, I have been able to see the wonders it has to offer, such as the Ba’hai Gardens, and the nitty-grtitties of the outdoor market. In addition to this great advantage of acquiring a sense of the city’s character, I was also able to utilize my Hebrew. I mentioned previously that I had attended other programs while in Israel, but constantly surrounded my other Americans, I found very little opportunity to practice the language. However, on Maryland-if-Haifa, I found myself much more integrated into the environment surrounding me and had been presented with the chance to converse with everyone from the convenience store owner to Israeli students on campus. The best part of my semester was being able to say I was a resident of the city of Haifa.