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When young Jewish adults immerse themselves in Israel on a five to twelve month Masa Israel program, the experience becomes about something larger than themselves.
Whether they’re studying, volunteering, or gaining career experience, these young men and women advance their own life plans. And by taking part in one of more than 200 Masa Israel accredited programs, 
they also experience a “wow moment”—the realization that Israel is their country and their homeland and that they are part of a global people.
As a result, Masa Israel participants develop a deep and enduring connection with Israel. They discover a connection to their Jewish heritage that will last a lifetime. And they are empowered to become leaders in their communities back home, helping to ensure a vibrant Jewish future.

We make it easy. You make it possible.

Masa Israel Journey is the clearest vehicle for creating the next generation of Jewish leaders in North America, the surest road toward the continuity of the Jewish people, and the best way for young Jewish adults to make a strong connection to Israel.
The government of Israel matches every dollar raised by the Jewish Agency for Israel that is allocated to Masa Israel, so each donation goes twice as far.
To make a donation supporting Masa Israel Journey’s important work, please contact the Jewish Agency for Israel at 212.339.6000 or visit the Jewish Agency's website.
Supporting Masa Israel is the best way to ensure the Jewish future. Please join our efforts today.