visit israel 2020

Stay Home Now. Come to Israel Later This Year.

None of us are used to this. We live in a time when it’s encouraged to stay home in sweatpants, frowned upon to walk your dog for more than an essential potty break, and expected to cook something creative for every single meal of the day. Basically everything in both the present and future is uncertain, but those are the only places we have to look for comfort. 

If you’re feeling discouraged, locked in, anxious, or afraid – we’re right there with you. We have all been leveled out on the same playing field and are doing our best to stay sane and safe. If you’d like to get your mind off of it for a while, or are generally interested in using this time to expand your knowledge and interests, here’s a list of some of the most curiosity-satisfying digital resources available out there. 

A lot of our fellows are still in Israel and have adapted to life on their programs in creative ways – you know, for the times. Here’s a video of one of our teaching fellows giving her students a virtual class with her adapted lesson plan and making the best of the situation. And for all of you out there, we’ve launched our Masa: Online platform, where we upload webinars and live events including yoga, discussions on Israeli politics, creative writing, Zumba, Israeli culture and music, a look into our current fellow’s journeys, and so much more. Check out our full calendar of scheduled programming here.  

You know the saying: we plan and God laughs. But it’s only in human nature to plan as much as we can (if only just to stay rooted in our belief that we have control over our lives). So, what’s your plan for the future? If you’re considering spending some time in Israel next year – once this is all over and something we can laugh about – it’s not too early to start thinking about it. The Masa Israel staff is all here, at your service – our programs are still running, our gaze is still fixed to the future, and we’re available to talk to you about it all. 

Take time to consider what next year can bring: maybe it means coming to Israel and volunteering with immigrants, teaching English, studying at a top Israeli university, or advancing your career at a top Israeli company. 

Leave us your contact information here and we’ll let you know when applications open.

Stay home. Save your spot. Next year in Israel!

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