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Delve deeper into your area of interest through one of our 14 international master’s programs in Israel. Each program combines a rigorous core curriculum with a diverse offering of electives, allowing you to tailor your studies in Israel to your own interests while gaining advanced knowledge in your chosen field. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, with regular site visits, guest lectures, and excursions designed to give you access to the cutting edge of research and industry.

Study Tracks

Tel Aviv University - Environmental Engineering MSc

Love engineering and the planet? Join our two-year MSc program in Environmental Engineering, where innovation and sustainability meet hands-on research in the dynamic heart of the start-up nation.

Tel Aviv University - Music International Program M.Mus

he Buchmann-Mehta School of Music trains the future generation of outstanding musicians and prepares them in every way for a career in music. The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music offers a professional-level orchestral training program and intensive practical training opportunities with the Israel Philharmonic and its guest artists – the world’s leading conductors and soloists. Students get many opportunities to perform in the school’s renowned Clairmont Auditorium, as well as in the Israel Philharmonic’s famed home, the Charles Bronfman Auditorium.

Tel Aviv University - Sustainable Development (M.A.)

Sustainable Development is a new program introduced in 2020. Ideal for pioneering Next Gen leaders looking to sustain and develop our growing planet, you’ll learn how to become a true leader in your field, whether in academia, civil society, or industry.

Sustainable development is the defining challenge of our time. Meeting that ongoing challenge will require innovative ways to provide the global population with an environmentally sustainable and equitable supply of energy, water, and food. In turn, this will help improve health, livelihoods, and well-being, especially for low-income communities in developing countries.

Tel Aviv University - Engineering (M.Sc.)

The reputable Engineering Faculty at TAU is where you’ll want to be if you’re looking to shape the future.

Ranked among the world’s most innovative universities, you’ll join over 4000 students creating ways to access clean water, contributing ways to improve renewable energy for a more sustainable future or even creating 3D hearts. Without a doubt, engineers are the future to solving many of the world’s global challenges.

The right education and training is necessary for future engineers to make breakthroughs in their chosen field, and TAU’s Faculty of Engineering is considered the go-to place for pursuing the unknown, creating future entrepreneurs and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

As the largest school of its kind in Israel, you’ll get to enjoy a full academic path for whichever engineering path you choose — from graduate (M.Sc.) and on to Ph.D / Post-Doc, all entirely in English.

Tel Aviv University - Neuroscience (M.Sc.)

Our Neuroscience program is for those of you looking to specialize in foundational research areas in neuroscience. Held at the renowned Sagol School of Neuroscience, the program will train you in the latest cutting-edge neuroscience fields related to biology, psychology, engineering, and other related fields.

Expect a program unique in its diversity, with neuroscience courses taught at eight different faculties, covering a huge range of topics. You’ll enjoy courses at the molecular level, through the systemic level and all the way to computational neurobiology, behavior and cognition.

Tel Aviv University - Online MBA

This 100% online program delivers innovative coursework, multi-disciplinary skill development and practical experience so you can advance your career and prepare for continued success as a leader in the international business world.

Tel Aviv University - Environmental Studies (M.A.)

Our Environmental Studies program is where future environmental leaders learn to resolve the many challenging issues plaguing our planet and ecosystems.

The program is hosted at the renowned and uniquely green Porter School, and equips the NextGen of environment leaders with an advanced degree from a uniquely Israeli and Middle Eastern perspective.

Tel Aviv University - Conflict Resolution and Mediation (MA in Public Policy)

Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation program will provide you with new, groundbreaking solutions to age-old conflicts.

Studying at TAU means you’ll be learning in one of the most conflict-ridden regions in the world, so expect to acquire all the tools you’ll ever need for effective analysis, mediation and negotiation strategies, and conflict resolution frameworks in the international arena. You’ll also earn a certificate from TAU for the program’s workshop in International Mediation.

Tel Aviv University - Security and Diplomacy (M.A.)

Our Security and Diplomacy program is one for the Next Gen of leaders, those of you looking to stamp your diplomat skill-set and security knowledge on an ever-challenging world.

The program provides you with advanced knowledge and analytical tools in order to take onboard key strategy, diplomacy, and decision-making skills. These skills ensure you have what it takes to shape a security and foreign policy on a global level — with a focus on the Middle East, probably the world’s most fiery spot to practice those newly acquired skills.

Tel Aviv University - Master of Disaster Management (M.DM.)

Our Emergency and Disaster Management, is the first and only program of its kind offered in Israel. It will fast-track you into becoming one of the new generations of leaders who will protect and make our communities more prepared and resilient in these ever challenging times.

This degree is aimed at professionals with field experience and/or those looking to understand and develop an effective disaster management program. Our program will guide you into developing new, innovative, and critical ways of thinking when defining intervention plans for emergency and disaster situations. More importantly, you’ll also learn how to put these plans into action.

The multidisciplinary curriculum encompasses a diverse range of fields: expect to get to grips with Disaster Management, Emergency Medicine, Public Health, Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Communication, Crisis Management, Cyber Security, CBRNE, and more. —-

Tel Aviv University - Sofaer Global MBA

The Global Sofaer MBA is the flagship global MBA program of the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University.

This is a one-year full-time MBA in New Venture Creation, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

AACSB accredited, we are the first MBA program in Israel to gain this top international ranking. —

Tel Aviv University - Biomedical Engineering MSc

This two-year MSc program will take you to the forefront of biomedical engineering, integrating research from diverse fields. Immerse yourself in this innovative field and elevate your engineering expertise to the next level.

Tel Aviv University - Social and Policy Aspects of Climate Change (M.A.)

As knowledge of the physical drivers and biological implications of climate change expands, demand is growing for better tools to understand the impact of this global process on human society. ‘Social and Policy Aspects of Climate Change’, a new M.A program at Tel-Aviv University, focuses on the social, cultural, political and policy dimensions of the climate crisis.

Tel Aviv University - Documentary Cinema (M.F.A.)

This unique one-year M.F.A. program will give you all the hands-on practical experience you’ll need for a complete grounding in documentary filmmaking.

Our Documentary Cinema program is for those of you looking to delve into all things cinematography. Whatever your media focus, this program will help you uncover all aspects of documentary cinema and filmmaking.

Expect to get hands-on with this program, with access to world renowned experts, resources and tools. With a carte blanche to push your limits of creativity, you’ll also have the opportunity to direct and produce your own documentary film or series as part of your final project.

Tel Aviv University - Medical Sciences

If Medical Science is your forte, then our range of cutting-edge programs at TAU will inspire you further. Even more so since we’ve opened portions of the M.Sc. and M.P.H. programs. Courses are taught in English; for more details on each course, please take a look at each specific field of study in the list below.

All Ph.D. tracks may also be completed in English. M.Sc. students may continue on to a Ph.D., or may transfer to the Direct Ph.D. program within year 1, where eligible B.Sc. students may apply directly to the Ph.D. program.

Expect to be fully-trained as a researcher in the biomedical fields, which will prepare you for an exciting future role in academic research labs, the biomed industry, and hospitals.

Tel Aviv University - Life Sciences (Individual Tracks - M.Sc.)

These two-year M.Sc. programs provide you with a range of tracks from four different departments, with our ground-breaking research labs discovering the latest trends and finds in many biological disciplines.

The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences is the oldest faculty at Tel Aviv University. Previously it was known as the University Institute of Natural Sciences and focused on traditional biological disciplines such as botany and zoology.

Today however, new scientific developments and cutting-edge technologies have transformed these disciplines and created compelling new disciplines, such as nanotechnology and bioinformatics. With an ever-expanding world to discover, the Faculty now houses 90+ research labs across a wide range of biological disciplines.

Tel Aviv University- Cyber Politics & Government (M.A.)

Cyber Politics and Government is a recent addition to our wide and varied collection of degree programs. This program will pique your interest in discovering how technology can help bridge the gap between strategic governance and policy.

When enrolling in this program, expect to take onboard the critical tools needed for developing strategic planning, management and leadership in the ever-challenging and cutting-edge world of big data and cyber threats.

Tel Aviv University - Ancient Israel Studies (M.A.)

Our Ancient Israel Studies program lets you get “hands-on” with Israel’s ancient history, while learning about the region’s fascinating past dating back to biblical times.

When enrolling in this program you’ll get to study with world-renowned archaeological scholars, while gaining academic knowledge, practical fieldwork experience, and ancient language skills – in some of the most enthralling excavation locations in the world.

Each of our excavations is led by our faculty, and you’ll work with the very latest, modern, scientific tools as part of your archaeological and historical studies.

Tel Aviv University - Migration Studies (M.A.)

Our Migration Studies program is for those of you looking for a game changing role in humanitarian organizations tackling the ever-challenging migration issues across the planet.

From the ongoing Mediterranean migrant crisis to continuing debates on free movement in Europe, these issues are at the forefront of today’s discussions around global migration and policy.

Tel Aviv University - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A.)

Our renowned International M.A. in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program will have you fully prepared for a variety of international and challenging career opportunities in the English teaching profession. Spanning three semesters, this M.A. is geared towards students from almost every background, providing you with the skills and hands-on training needed for a successful language teaching career.

The MA TESOL’s multidisciplinary curriculum tackles a range of domains of English teaching and research, including practical components that provide the perfect combination of theory and practice with real-time hands-on teaching in the Israeli education system. Practical teaching placements are offered in elementary, junior high and high schools, as well as opportunities in higher education and with refugee populations.

Tel Aviv University - Parasol Foundation International LL.M. Program

The Parasol Foundation International LL.M. is for outstanding law students like you. The program offers a rigorous, highly-academic LL.M. degree, with extraordinary opportunities to work alongside Israel’s elite legal academia, students and legal professionals. —-

The program will guide you through some uniquely innovative approaches to legal theory, ensuring that your law skill set is complemented with career-enhancing analytical tools and skills. These newly acquired skills will help you to engage in some incredibly serious academic research and practical insights.

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