Описание вакансии

This role entails collaborating with Danielle to drive business growth, implement new ideas/systems, improve operational efficiency, develop online sales strategies, manage website updates, and enhance overall business performance.


company outings; company swag; discounts to local events; flexible work hours; relaxed dress code; snacks


We are seeking interns who are innovative, strategic thinkers, business-minded, proactive, and possess strong analytical skills to drive growth, implement new ideas, and optimize business performance.

Описание компании

Dressed by Danielle uses secondhand fashion as a vehicle for empowering women to authentically express themselves. Through our Private Shopping Sessions, we offer an intentional, sustainable, and affordable alternative to fast fashion. Our clients and their needs are at the heart of the shopping experience we have developed. Our stylists devote two hours to learning about the client's style and hand-picking items that fit and flatter them. With over 3,000 clients in our local Tel Aviv community, we also feel it is our duty and honor to bring women together and facilitate meaningful experiences such as events and workshops. We are an inclusive, safe space where women can connect with themselves and others on a deeper level.
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