Personal Branding – Blooming in Pajamas #1

Personal Growth and Development

How corona time can jumpstart your personal brand?
When everything around us is beyond our control and understanding, let’s talk about the only asset that you can control it’s value at the moment – you!

Personal branding is a strategy that captures all your strengths, values, expertise and profession to create a memorable reputation. Powerful personal brand will help you to stand out, differentiate yourself, rise your employment value and grow your business.

In the session we will discuss personal branding models, techniques and tools to build your personal brand, talk about the benefits and opportunities of corona time to build or empower your personal brand and discuss recommended actions to leverage these crazy times.

The session will be hosted by Dikla Malamud, Branding and networking expert.
Owner and Partner INSIDE OUT – Internal branding agency
Keynote speaker, blogger and currently managing a Boutique hotel for my 3 wonderful kids.
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