Ittay Flescher – איתי פלשר

Israel as Home

Ittay Flescher is the Education Director of an interfaith youth movement for Israelis and Palestinians and the Jerusalem Correspondent for The Jewish Independent.

Since October 7, he has co-hosted a podcast about peacebuilders called ‘From the Yarra River to the Mediterranean Sea’ and is the author of the upcoming book ‘The Holy and the Broken.’

He also frequently teaches on gap year programs about the identity, narratives and cultures of the people who call Jerusalem home.\


*One State, Two States or Land for All?

*The Music of October 7

*The 10 biggest mistakes we make in responding to Antisemitism

* Critical Media Literacy: Sorting out fact from fiction on the internet

* The many meanings of “never again”

* Can Israelis and Palestinians share Jerusalem in peace?

* Two Nations, One Homeland: Narratives of 1948


Israeli Kabbalat Shabbat

Combines a mixture Hebrew and English songs played on guitar interspersed with personal storytelling around the theme of rest and reflection

Unbelievably true stories from Jerusalem

A Moth Style storytelling night featuring thought-provoking stories and insights into life in the holy city
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