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The role of Hannukah is to gather and increase light in the home, family, community, and in ourselves as well, as a sign of the Hannukah miracle that brought light in those days at this time. This year we chose to add light for each candle—the light of a person who through his work in Israeli society, the fire burning in her life, we can attempt to bring light as well to our surroundings and our own lives.

Like in the lighting of the Hanukkiah, these men and women also have performed actions meant to be visible to the entire public in Israel. We invite you to consider together the place of these actions in your own lives, in the challenges and opportunities you face, the issues that sometimes remain in the dark, which we sometimes are unaware of in our surroundings. Hannukah, the lighting of the Hanukkiah, and the friends around us, are a special opportunity for a meaningful clarification of the issues that surround us as part of our life in the community.

How to Use the Booklet

The booklet before you offers a moment to pause and think.

We believe the moment of gathering around the Hanukkiah lighting ceremony offers an opportunity for a meaningful gathering of encounters, conversations, and discussions that can deepen the moment of light during the holiday.


Alongside the lighting of every candle during the holiday, the booklets above include relevant social issues for our lives. Here are several proposals for developing the content into an activity.

  1. Every person in the booklet is characterized by different and meaningful activities. Try to find an alternative to this character from your nearby environment who is active in the same social field and describe that person’s work to the group.
  2. After you have answered the two questions provided for every person in the booklet, try to propose an additional question that interests you and those around you regarding the person’s field of activity.
  3. Divide into three groups. Each group represents a different person from the booklet. Conduct a discussion about which person is most deserving of lighting the candle in their honor. The activity can be performed as a debate to be judged by the audience or as a competition to convince a panel of selected judges.
  4. Choose one person from the booklet to present to the group and present only her work without saying her name. Add additional hints and details about the person until the group successfully discovers who she is.
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