Job Description

1. English, mother tongue, writing and speaking at a high level – a must!!! (or perfect Spanish with English for regular communication)
2. Creating content for LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok
3. Writing entertainment and professional content for social media in the environmental field
4. Formulating and writing marketing communications
5. Content creators who are not afraid of cameras, who like to take pictures, edit, and represent the brand.


bonuses; company swag; flexible work hours; relaxed dress code; Other; snacks


1. An in-depth understanding of video editing and design applications
2. Telegram, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter knowledge and experience.

Company Description

Cleaning is no fun job, so we made it a game! We are bringing together thousands of users, through our app, helping each one do their bit, either by mapping trash, collecting it, sorting, or transporting it to recycling centers. Once you’re done, you choose your reward - either cash, store discounts, or a donation to a worthy charity. It's your choice. Our app lets you see, in real-time, where there is trash that needs to be cleaned up. Want to see how it works?
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