Job Description

We are looking for a talented and energetic sale representative to help us execute new sales and to improve our sale funnel. The position responsibilities includes: Making phone calls for hot leads, improving the script, improving rebuttals, establishing a managerial position, helping new agents to execute sale and managing difficult calls. Working hand by hand with the marketing department and helping to reach a better leads and to sharpen the marketing message according to conclusion driven from the sale calls in practice.


courses and trainings; flexible work hours; happy Hour; mentor program; relaxed dress code; sports groups


We are looking for someone with a previous background in telemarketing and a managerial talent to establish a sale center and lead sale agents.

Company Description

WEWALK, an international walking group chain, specializes in helping fitness enthusiasts, with no prior experience, start and manage their own local community walking group. WEWALK provides fitness education and training while providing personal support, marketing and advanced technology for efficient group and business management.
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