Job Description

As a community manager, you will be involved with event organization and production, marketing, sales, communications, and social impact – all in one!

Practically, we’re looking for a passionate, talented and confident individual to help lead our vibrant community of more than 13,000 language lovers, to coordinate our Language Exchange Events, organize special conferences and activities, create engagement and content for our online community (social media, whatsapp, etc.), and develop the sales and marketing funnel for the community and our school and courses.

Our Language Exchange Events host around 200 people twice a month, practicing more than 12 different languages at different ‘tables’, with native speakers. Staff members manage the event from the inside, welcome new members and guide them through the experience, and coordinate the ‘Ambassadors’ (= native speakers).


company outings; company swag; courses and trainings; flexible work hours; happy Hour; relaxed dress code; sports groups; ulpan; snacks


Job requirements:

✔️ Fluency in Hebrew and English
✔️ Great social and interpersonal communication skills
✔️ Confidence and ability to speak in public
✔️ Excellent organizational skills and sense of responsibility
✔️ Creativity and ambition – ability to think outside of the box

Not required, but will give you a huge advantage:

✔️ Experience in events organization
✔️ Connection to the language learning world and multiculturalism
✔️ Fluency in additional languages

Company Description

Fluent is an innovative language learning school, a social startup and a language learning community, based in Tel-Aviv and founded by two passionate multicultural polyglots. The concept? Learn a language while immersing into the culture and practicing with native speakers. The concept? Learn languages through cultural immersion and with native speakers. We offer Language Immersion Courses, Language Exchange Events & Language Activities and Workshops. *Why Fluent?* Too many people have spent too much money, time and energy learning languages in an inefficient way, disconnected from the context and the story behind the language. Fluent aims to revolutionize and improve the way we learn languages, by making it more practical, immersive and connecting it to native speakers. At Fluent, we break language barriers and we LIVE the language. At Fluent, we see languages as a tool to open people's minds and to impact society as a whole. By enabling them to create cross-cultural connections & discover a world that is different from the one they know, we aim to make this world a more accepting & tolerant place.
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