Job Description

This is an opportunity to join Sizer’s small but mighty business development team and work directly with our VP of Business Development. During the internship. the interns will have an opportunity to learn all about the apparel market – from fast fashion and luxury to workwear and uniforms, and assist the company with our go to market.

The role will include: Mapping the market, identifying trends and opportunities for us, identifying potential clients and reaching out to them, participating (not leading) sales calls, writing product and marketing materials and any other projects/responsibilities that might arise during the term of the internship. We would also welcome any ideas and initiatives contributed.


flexible work hours; happy Hour; relaxed dress code


Intern must be adequate in writing and be able to communicate complex information in short, engaging messages. High excel capabilities and strong research capabilities are a must. To apply, there a short task to be completed before setting an interview:

Company Description

Sizer is a technology company serving the fashion industry. We have developed a revolutionary technology that leverages AI and computer vision to allow retailers and brands to enable their consumers to take their body measurements with the use of their smartphone. We then match the body measurements with the garments specs to recommend the best size to buy, enabling them to shop online, being sure that they will receive clothes that will fit them.
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