Job Description

The BCI operator position is an exciting opportunity to get hands-on experience with applied neuroscience and an opportunity to work with leading professional athletes and sports clubs.
We are looking for a unique individual that displays both a passion for neuroscience technology and great communication skills, who can represent the company in a professional and friendly way.

What is unique about us?
● i-BrainTech is one of the first commercial companies that is creating products that are based on the most advanced neuroscientific research and technology
● The R&D team works where Neuroscience, Sport-Tech, Gaming and data science converge
● Working as a part of a dedicated internationally distributed team
● Experience a real Startup work atmosphere at a promising software company from the Startup Nation
● Get the chance to learn, lead and develop your skills in a goal-oriented environment

● Operating the system on location (professional sport clubs, sport academies, brain gyms)
● Training other operators remotely
● Customer support with strong technical focus
● Continuously improve onboarding process through iterative development
● Operations support


company outings; flexible work hours; relaxed dress code; work abroad; snacks


● Fluent Hebrew speaker
● High level English speaker
● Ability to travel (in Israel or abroad)
● Great soft-skills

● Basic understanding of neuroscience
● Experience in brain computer interfaces (such as EEG, MRI)
● Prior experience in customer support
● Vehicle ownership and a driving license
● Management experience
● Programming experience
● Academic degree in Neuroscience
● Speaker of languages other than English and Hebrew

Working under hybrid (remote/in-office) model

Company Description

i-BrainTech is a brain-training technology that enhances athletes’ performance in sports. Designed for players and coaches, the neuro-solution improves athletes’ physical performance, assists in a successful return to play, post-injury, and provides coaches with personalized insights to more effectively manage their players. How does it work? The solution is a video game that athletes play with their minds only. The technology translates movements envisioned in the brain into virtual actions of an avatar displayed in a contextually-relevant video game. This repeated process trains the motor control centers in the brain, which results in improved physical performance.
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