Job Description

b. Overview: Analyze in-depth the American basketball market to determine whether a sustainable business model can be generated for our product
c. Project Justification: We have created a sports technology product proven with professional sports clubs and we are now looking to open up to the broader consumer market. We know generally that basketball is widely popular in America, but in order to bring our product to consumers with confidence, we need statistical reassurance that the US market can offer a sustainable business opportunity, and which market segments in the US offer the best chance of return. Without this reassurance, we would go into production/marketing blind, unsure of the market size, the average expense on sports tech, and other key market metrics for product success: this is very important work.
d. Objectives:
i. Analyze American highschool, college and professional basketball market sizes.
ii. Analyze American highschool, college and professional basketball technology training segment size.
iii. Analyze American highschool, college and professional basketball mind/cognitive solutions segment size.
iv. Analyze American highschool, college and professional basketball existing technologies.
v. Generate report & present findings answering this question: Do you believe we can build a sustainable business model in the United States, and if so, which target segment would be most profitable to pursue.
e. Phases of Work (all phases are supervised closely):
i. Design Project Plan (with approval from company)
ii. Gather & Analyze Information
iii. Write Report
iv. Revise Report, Further Direction
v. Final Presentation


company outings; flexible work hours; relaxed dress code; work abroad; snacks


Experience in financial modeling/finance student

Company Description

i-BrainTech is a brain-training technology that enhances athletes’ performance in sports. Designed for players and coaches, the neuro-solution improves athletes’ physical performance, assists in a successful return to play, post-injury, and provides coaches with personalized insights to more effectively manage their players. How does it work? The solution is a video game that athletes play with their minds only. The technology translates movements envisioned in the brain into virtual actions of an avatar displayed in a contextually-relevant video game. This repeated process trains the motor control centers in the brain, which results in improved physical performance.
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