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Start Jerusalem

Program Description

Tlalim Invites young professionals to take participation in Start Program and spend 9 unforgettable months in Israel. As being a new stream of MASA project, Start Program will give You opportunities:

To have intensive 4 months Hebrew course.

To have 5 months internship in your professional field.

The Start Program is created for giving a chance to young Jewish professionals to realize their ambitions and get experience in their career field in Israel. You'll be able to get the deep understanding of all the aspects of the Israeli society and its culture. High perspectives, personal development, life experience in Israel as a part of MASA Program, meeting new people, learning Hebrew - all those components will help you to make your next life-step. Our Program Stuff will be happy to help you with it. 

During the Program all the participants will be placed in apartments which are located in Jerusalem. For the first 4 months all the participants will have an intensive Hebrew class in a Government Ulpan. They will take part in seminars and events. One of the Start Program's missions is integrating young Jewish people to the Israeli Society.

During the first part of the Program we are individually seeking for the internship, making trainings fort the interview and organizing personal meetings with Employers' representatives.

During the second part of the Start Program young professionals will be able to get their own new professional experience.