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AlmaLinks Track – An Israeli Internship Experience with a Competitive Edge

AlmaLinks Associates Program is a partnership between the AlmaLinks community and Masa Israel.
AlmaLinks Associates Track allows young professionals who have demonstrated extraordinary early career achievements to serve as associates in leading Israeli companies, and to enjoy professional opportunities as part of the AlmaLinks community. 

About AlmaLinks

AlmaLinks is a private, non-profit global community based on personal connections. The community unites senior business executives with young professionals who have demonstrated exceptional professional achievements. AlmaLinks operates various programs around the world that empower its members, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel.
Since July 2009, AlmaLinks has been developing an elite business network based on the strong personal connections of our members and our mutual commitment to the community. AlmaLinks has attracted the brightest leaders from the private sector including owners and senior managers of multinational corporations, successful entrepreneurs, and executives of financial institutes. 

About AlmaLinks Associates

As an AlmaLinks Associate, participants will have access to leading young Israeli professionals and prominent business executives from the Israeli business sector.  
Associates will be invited to apply to attend AlmaLinks programs in Israel for the duration of their stay, and upon return to the United States, the will be offered opportunities to partake in their local AlmaLinks chapter.
Administratively, participants in the AlmaLinks track will be a part of the framework of the Career Israel Internship Program (sponsored by Masa) which coordinates housing in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, medical insurance, and educational enrichment such as Hebrew studies (Ulpan), lectures, tours and seminars exploring the country. Participants will be provided with staff support 24/7 and continued career counseling throughout the five month program.

Who should apply? 

1. Graduates of a recognized and reputable academic institution, with a degree in a relevant field (Masters or other graduate degree – a plus)
2. Business people with a minimum 2.5 years of relevant professional experience 
3. Serious and highly motivated individuals, willing to work in a full time position
* Participation in the AlmaLinks Associates Program is contingent on a commitment of participating in the internship program for no less than 3 months 
For additional information about this opportunity, please contact the Career Israel staff.