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Arava Institute Internship

Program Description

The Arava Internship program offers students or graduates the opportunity to work alongside environmental professionals in an academic setting. The Arava institute allow interns from around the world the opportunity to live and study with Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians and others. By living, learning and exploring together, students form friendships and develop skills that will enable them to lead the region in solving environmental challenges facing the Middle East and beyond through partnership and mutual understanding.
At the Arava Institute, interns gain theoretical and practical experience in the field of research, policy, academics, or development, all within the environmental field. In addition to their designated responsibilities, interns participate in the students' Hebrew language program, the Peace Building and Environmental leadership Seminar, and serve as a teaching assistant for one of the Arava Institute courses. Interns also take part in orientation, field trips and campus life activities.
- Expose interns to a broad range of environmental issues, and develop practical professional skills from a multi-disciplinary perspective;
- Enables interns to pursue individualized research in a wide range of environmental areas;
- Involves interns in furthering the understanding and cooperation between future environmental professionals and leaders in the Middle East and around the world;
- Assists graduates in developing public interest careers to improve the environment in Israel and the Middle East;
- Involves interns in applied trans-boundary research to improve environmental policy, increase environmental cooperation and expand biodiversity in the region;


Examples of past research internships have included:
- Eight week internship with the Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation: setting up and monitoring meteorological stations in the Arava Valley; assisting in new project development.
- Ten week internship with Director of the Research Department: assisting in research for socioeconomic baseline report for Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project, co-creating a toolkit report on Rainwater Harvesting Practices in arid regions
- Four month internship with Director of Research Department: editing new book on water scarcity and coordinating course for Jordanian researchers on regional cooperation and efficient water management.
  • Main Subject: Professional Studies
  • Keywords:
  • Customizable Programs, Entrepreneurship, Environmentalism 
  • Duration:
  • 4 Months 
  • Age:
  • 18-30 
  • Language:
  • English 
  • Organizer:
  • Arava Institute For Environmental Studies 
  • Program appears on grant application as:
  • Arava Institute Internship 
  • Accommodation:
  • Included 
  • Meals:
  • Included 
  • Program Dates: