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Apply to a Program

Masa Israel Journey partners with many program organizers that offer a range of internship, volunteer, and study experiences in Israel. Take advantage of our Program Matchmaker to find the opportunity that matches your needs and interests.
Once you decide which program offers the Israel experience that's right for you, begin the application process with that program directly. Make sure to double-check application deadlines with your chosen program, since deadlines are different for each one.
Step 1: Apply to your program
Apply through the application process of your chosen program. Each program has its own application requirements, which can usually be found on the program website or by contacting the program organizer.
Step 2: Apply for your Masa Israel grant and/or scholarship 
All Masa Israel participants are eligible to apply for universal grants and need-based scholarships towards the cost of the program. Once you know which program you will participate in, apply for your grant and/or scholarship through our website.