Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Religious Track:

What is the MITF Religious Track?

The MITF religious track will be a 10-month track in Jerusalem designated for observant/orthodox participants that want to teach English in religious schools to children while spending some time each week learning Torah in a Yeshiva or Seminary. The track will provide accommodations that are strictly Kosher, Shomer Shabbat and male or female only housing. Fellows on this track will be a part of the classic Jerusalem cohort. Participants will engage in programming specific to the track and also be a part of the wider MITF community and programming. This track is recommended for applicants that identify as Orthodox, Modern-Orthodox or Charedy.

Join Our New Observant Track in Jerusalem!

A new MITF track will commence in fall 2021 and will be open to religious Fellows who are looking for an observant program.

Added components of the track include:

 Observant friendly housing

◾ A strictly Kosher home with separate dishes and utensils for meat and dairy

◾ Segregated rooming (not co-ed)

◾ Shabbat observant

✔ Opportunities in Jerusalem for Jewish Studies

✔ Teaching placement in religious schools

✔ Sharing an experience with other observant participants

The goal of the MITF religious track is to provide religious fellows with a comfortable setting for them to experience a year volunteering in Israel while also adding value to their experience in the religious studies component.

Benefits of MITF:

  1. Unique chance to live in an Israeli community, while getting paid
  2. Opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Israeli youth
  3. Work alongside your peers 25 hours a week in a local school, teaching English
  4. Create your own volunteer projects based on your skills & interests
  5. Gain leadership & teaching skills to prepare you for the program, and the rest of your life
  6. Experience local Israeli life & be immersed in the culture
  7. The kids learn English and have you as a mentor. Everyone wins!

**No Hebrew language skills are required and availability is limited, so don’t miss out!


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