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Masa in the Media

  1. Posted March 3, 2016
    By Tamar Zilbershatz, Director of Gap and Service Programs   We don’t need a ‘Jewish Peace Corps’, we already have one in Israel and around the world.
  2. Posted March 3, 2016
    By Cindy Mindell   When Daniel Hammerman of Stamford graduated from American University in May, he decided to translate his BA in international relations into just such an opportunity. He was accepted to the Yahel Social Change Program, a nine-month service-learning immersion experience of Masa Israel Journey in the Arab-Israeli community of Lod and the Ethiopian-Israeli community of Ramat Eliyahu, Rishon L’Zion.
  3. Posted February 18, 2016
    Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Ashdod alumnus (2013-2014) and Detroit-area native, Josh Finn wrote a great piece for Detroit Jewish News about his MITF experience and how it's helped him continue his journey to becoming an American Sign Language interpreter.
  4. Posted February 22, 2016
    Welcome to the Masa Israel family, Meara Razon Ashtivker