What are Israel Mechina Programs?

A Mechina is a preparatory program designed to help students discover their full potential and identify the next steps in achieving their personal and professional goals. Mechina programs can incorporate volunteer opportunities, academic classes, leadership training, and group activities, while simultaneously giving students valuable experience in self-management and group-living. Mechina programs are designed for students who are seeking an immersive gap semester or year in Israel. 

Different Types of Mechina Programs

There are a variety of Mechina programs offered in Israel, but the most common are academic, pre-army, or leadership-based youth movements. Academic Mechina programs are geared towards advancing the student in their academic career – preparing them intellectually for their undergraduate career and further studies. The pre-army Mechina programs are designed to prepare individuals who plan to enlist in the IDF, offering them physical training, as well as hands-on assistance during the enlistment process. The leadership-based youth movement Mechina programs aim at developing the students’ leadership skills and independence through an array of service opportunities and group activities. 

israel mechina programs

Masa Israel’s Mechina Programs

Bar Ilan University Mechina Program

Bar Ilan University’s Mechina Program is designed to prepare students for university education. An array of courses are offered in various general education, elective, and Judaic topics. Students are also offered tours and weekend trips around Israel. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Bar Ilan’s Mechina program, check out the program here.

Hebrew University Mechina Program

The Hebrew University Mechina program is geared towards high school graduates who desire to pursue undergraduate studies in Israel. The year-long program offers courses in Hebrew and English, with the addition of a summer Ulpan course prior to the start of the academic year. Courses offered include topics in the humanities and social sciences, life sciences, business and economics. Completion of the Mechina will significantly increase the students’ chances of admission to the Hebrew University, or another Israeli university, for their undergraduate studies. 

If interested in learning more about Hebrew University’s Mechina program, check out the program here.

Tlalim – Kol Ami Mechina

The Kol Ami Mechina is a 6-month gap program designed to establish a deep connection between Jewish youth and the State of Israel. Combining Israelis with Jewish peers from around the world, Kol Ami works to unite Jews from around the world and build a global Jewish leadership. Students are able to experience Israel at a local level, volunteer within the community, take classes from a variety of topics, and demonstrate independent living.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Kol Ami Mechina, check out the program here.

Garin Tzabar Pre-Army Mechina

Garin Tzabar is a pre-army Mechina, designed specifically for young individuals who plan to enlist in the IDF. The future soldiers spend their first 4 months in Israel living on a Kibbutz, where they are “adopted” by a host family, as part of the program’s “absorption period”. The program coordinators offer hands-on assistance during the entire enlistment process, as well as provide support throughout the duration of the army service. 

If you’re interested in in learning more about Garin Tzabar’s pre-army Mechina, check out the program here

World Bnei Akiva Mechina – Hamechina Haolamit

The Mechinat Olamit is an intensive modern Orthodox, Zionist leadership program that develops lifelong skills, relationships, and connections to the Jewish homeland. The Mechina is hosted on Kibbutz Migdal Oz, as a co-ed environment, and is run in both English and Hebrew. Students will deepen their knowledge of Jewish Peoplehood, Torah learning, leadership and advocacy, community involvement, discovering Israel, fitness, and training, and more. 

If your’e interested in learning more about Bnei Akiva’s Mechina program, check out the program here.

World Bnei Akiva Mechina – Kivun 

On Kivun, students become immersed into Israeli culture. Students are able to advance their resume by taking part in a professional internship, impact Israeli society by volunteering in the community, grow as a Zionist and Jew through learning opportunities, and gain independence and real-life skills through independent living.

If your’e interested in learning more about Bnei Akiva’s Mechina program, check out the program here.

World Bnei Akiva Mechina – Limmud

The Limmud Mechina offers students the opportunity to study at Yeshiva or Midrasha, combined with experiences of living on a Kibbutz, Marva (army training), and Magen David Adom (Israel’s National Emergency services). This program is specifically open to students from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Bnei Akiva’s Mechina program, check out the program here.

Israel Mechina Programs Recap:

If you have any questions regarding the Mechina programs in Israel, feel free to schedule a call with a Masa program advisor here

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