Israel is a land of hope, opportunity and endless energy, my time so far has been a dream come true. Through the guidance of Masa, I’ve been able to experience the best of Israel at breakneck speed and indulge in the best it has to offer.

Working as a professional chef in London, I have been lucky enough to experience tastes and culinary styles from all over the world. I trained in classical French cuisine, so to begin with, my culinary skills were all about delicate preparation and subtlety, contrasting rustic techniques with gentle flavours. From sous-vide meats to purees, smoking to seasonal preparation, my repertoire of techniques and skills were advanced, but after working for the renowned chef Asaf Granit in Coal Office, London’s most successful Israeli-style restaurant and bar, I had a realisation I can push myself even further and from that moment on I knew I had to visit Israel and explore its food scene.



Israeli food is all about fresh produce and bold flavours, a wonderful amalgamation of tastes and styles that stretch across the Jewish world and beyond. It draws from Eastern European Ashkenazi style food, with its frying and pickling to Sephardic food, a melting pot of bold spices and traditions stretching back generations from the Mediterranean all the way across to the Arabian Sea. This collision of two contrasting pallets has created one of the most vibrant cuisines in world food, and from Balagan in Paris to HaSalon in Ibiza, New York and beyond, everyone seems to want a taste and feel the soul and energy of Israel through its food.

I love my Jewish identity almost as much as I love cooking, and with the craziness of the past 18 months, I felt I needed to leave my comfort zone and explore something new and challenging. By chance, I was exposed to Masa and the programs they run in Israel, I knew immediately where I needed to be. Bringing young Jews from across the world to build their careers and deepen their passion for Israel and Judaism, Masa ticked all my boxes, and with spatula in one hand and suitcase in the other, I found myself in the land of milk and honey.




One month into my Israeli journey, I have to pinch myself, I feel so lucky. I get to wake up a stone’s throw from Tel Aviv beach, a short walk to markets containing the freshest produce, and immerse myself in a city and country full of life. I cannot thank Masa enough for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to sharing my food adventures with you all!

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