What is the Translation kibbutz (קִבּוּץ) from Hebrew to English?

A kibbutz is a distinctive Israeli communal community where members live, work, and share resources collectively. Originating from the Zionist movement, these communities prioritize communal ownership and decision-making. Members typically reside in communal housing, dine together, and share facilities. Originally focused on agriculture, many kibbutzim have diversified into various industries over time. They uphold the principle of “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need,” with members contributing their skills and labor while receiving essential resources in return. Kibbutzim have played a significant role in Israeli society, not only in agriculture but also in the development of the country’s defense forces. While the communal lifestyle has evolved, with some adopting more capitalist elements, the core values of shared responsibility and cooperation continue to define the kibbutz concept

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