Job Description

At Xoltar, we utilize cutting-edge AI to empower people’s wellbeing. Our humanlike virtual agents foster supportive relationships with users to help them overcome challenges, follow treatment plans, and increase treatment effectiveness.

With ongoing projects in oncology, chronic pain management, and more, we aim to expand into new fields. Our diverse team combines expertise in behavioral studies, engineering, NLP, and beyond, united by a shared passion.

As a data analyst, you will uncover insights from conversation datasets to enhance our assistant’s capabilities. Your role will involve:

Collecting, organizing and categorizing patient conversation data

Performing queries and analyses on conversation datasets using Excel or Python

Creating clear data summaries, reports, and visualizations for stakeholders

Communicating trends, anomalies, and analysis results to cross-functional team


company swag; flexible work hours; happy Hour; mentor program; relaxed dress code; snacks


You are a great candidate if you have:

Experience manipulating and analyzing datasets

Basic Python scripting experience

Understanding of basic statistical concepts and metrics

Company Description

XOLTAR created the first human-emulating AI for patient accountability & behavioral change. Using a unique architecture that harnesses LLMs, Vision, and Graphics Models to implement evidence-based protocols with zero training, the platform provides patients with free-guided video calls that are personalized and truthful. Each AI companion can promote different goals and behaviors, monitor patients, collect real-world evidence, and provide a 24/7 emotional hand-holding experience with infinite scalability, resulting in a cost-effective SaaS platform that can help pharmaceutical companies recover lost revenue ($650B/Yr).
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