The protests against Judicial Reform have continued on a smaller scale over the past weeks. With Passover behind us, and the national holiday season underway, Israelis are gearing up for whatever is coming next. 

One aspect of the protests in particular has been hotly debated. Should reservist soldiers refuse to perform their duties (“miluim’ in Hebrew) as a form of protest? Over the course of the past few months, this has been a growing phenomenon. 

Historically, the military has been supposed to be entirely apolitical. This is partly because in a Democracy the military protects the people, it doesn’t rule them. But it is also because national security is an issue that is so existential that it is dangerous to allow the military to take sides in political debates of any kind.

What about the current debate has caused it to spill into withholding of service by the IDF’s most loyal soldiers? And more to the point, are they doing more harm or good with this drastic approach to protest? What are the arguments for and against this tactic? Join us to find out!

Calev moderated this debate between Matt who argues against soldiers refusing duty, and MIke who defends the position of those reservists.

Let us know what you think about the issue, and who you agree with. Enjoy! Please let us know what you think! 

This episode was recorded and edited by the amazing Ben Wallick Studios. Ben is awesome!

Theme music by Akiva Y. Unterberg.

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