Hello, my name is Shahni Ben-Haim and I am from Agoura Hills, CA. I studied at San Francisco State University before coming to Israel for the Young Judea WUJS program. 

Q: Why Israel?

Why not Israel? I am a first generation American who grew up going to visit family in Israel but have never been able to experience what it might be like to live in Israel. After getting my B.A. I thought to myself there wouldn’t be a better time to experience living in Israel, and I absolutely love i


Q: What was your favorite moment this far in your journey?

There are so many moments to choose from! I’d have to say my favorite moment so far has been experiencing Israel on Yom Kippur. Especially being in Tel Aviv, it is beautiful how everyone takes the time to connect with each other and it’s also exciting to walk on Ayalon Highway with no cars at all!


Q: What is your program like, what makes it different from life at home?

WUJS has been very easy going. I feel extremely independent but it feels different from home because there are a ton of bonuses like the weekly trips to keep you connected to the other people on my program. 


Q: How do you think you’re time in Israel has helped you on a journey to a meaningful career and future?

I think my time in Israel has allowed me to solidify the idea of what kind of career I hope to pursue. I’m not sure yet where that will be but I’m happy I know what I want, because before coming to Israel I had no clue.


Q: Any advice for incoming interns in Tel Aviv?

My advice for incoming interns is to be specific about the goals you hope to reach towards the end of the program and stick to them. I’ve achieved 2 of my 3 goals so far and am working on achieving the third one. Also if you’re coming to Israel with full intention to move back home, don’t, you’re probably going to change your mind.


Q: What’s next for you after Masa?

That’s my third goal, figuring that out.

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