Hannah Scofield is from Wyoming, and studied Integrated Science (Physics & Chemistry) at the University of Denver. Today, you can find her living and working in Be’er Sheva with the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows through Israel Outdoors NEXT.

Why come to Israel?
Coming to Israel was a bit of a sudden decision but something I needed to do! I was living back in my hometown and realized it was too soon to be back home and needed to get out and do something fun yet meaningful. Israel was the perfect mix for me.

What has been your favorite moment so far?
Do I have to pick just one? I loved throwing a Halloween party with more Israelis than Americans. I love being a local at a falafel shop. I love the hugs from the kids every morning. Attempting to convince waiters I speak Hebrew is always a secret joy. Spending S’lichot in Jerusalem or Yom Kippur in Mitzpe Ramon were magical experiences. Picking one favorite moment is too difficult and it’s only been just over 4 months since arriving.

How do you think teaching with MITF will help you on your journey to a meaningful career and future?
I always dreamed of being a high school science teacher (hence my crazy college degree), but wasn’t ready for my own classroom yet. Coming here is helping me decide if that is still something I want to do or if I want to continue my career in another way. Being with the kids here is a wonderful rollercoaster. Every day brings a new and fun adventure. The other day, I had an entire conversation in charades and on another day a child and I had a very heated debate about which Avengers superhero is really the best. I have been frustrated and beyond rewarded by this experience. Whatever I do after this program, I feel as though this experience will prepare me for it. This job involves thinking on my feet, being creative beyond belief, and constantly challenging myself. These lessons will be helpful to anything that comes my way in the future.

Any advice for other Fellows who’d want to live/work in Beer Sheva?
Be’er Sheva is a special place. It is a city but at the same time a small town. You will hear the same advice about being flexible and always having something to pull out of your back pocket, which is definitely true and you should listen to that. But my advice for Beer Sheva is to be willing to explore – always! Whether that be within the school, the city or yourself. This place has so much to offer and you need to be ready to take it all in.

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