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MITF - Destination Israel

Description du programme

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows aims to close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system by placing English-speaking college graduates as English teacher’s aides in schools throughout Israel. The program begins with a group orientation and Hebrew ulpan. Participants will live in small groups in Israel and will be placed in schools as English teacher’s aides.

Participants will teach for a minimum of 25 hours per week in their school and will also choose or design a secondary volunteering project in the community in which they live. Successful applicants must have a college degree, have experience in formal or informal education, have previously demonstrated the ability to excel in a cross-cultural environment and a be willing to be immerse themselves in Israeli culture.


Destination Israel's flagship program was first established in the city of Ramle-Lod five years ago. A mixed population town with Arab and Jewish Israelis living in co-existence, Ramle is your number one destination to make a deep impact and change the world through education. Once the capital city of Israel, Ramle is considered the hub of Israel, conveniently located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. If your goal is to serve the community that most needs you, Ramle-Lod is the location for you!
Israels fifth largest port city, Ashdod is located on the Mediterranean coast, with a population of over 200,000 people. Many of these people are immigrants from countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Romania, Georgia, Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, France and Argentina. Over 90% of Ashdod's population is Jewish. Participants live within walking distance to the beach, and convenient public transportation is available to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is highly subsidized by Masa Israel Journey and the Israeli Ministry of Education, reducing the program fee to $1000, which includes your round-trip flight, health insurance, and a monthly stipend.
For more information, contact:
ISRAEL 972732313990
USA 8883519897
CAN  8662696889


  • Sujets principaux: Expérience, Volontariat, Etudes professionelles
  • Mots clés:
  • Education, Social Action / Volunteering 
  • Durée:
  • 9.5Mois 
  • Age:
  • 21-30 
  • Ouvert à:
  • Mixte 
  • Langue:
  • Anglais 
  • Affiliation Religieuse:
  • Non affilié 
  • Organisateur:
  • Israel Way - Eductional Initiatives 
  • Nom du programme dans le formulaire:
  • MITF - Destination Israel 
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  • Inclus 
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  • Inclus 
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