Job Description

Graphic designers at ZIPIT get to work on a variety of creative projects that include traditional marketing materials as well as designing visual concepts for real mass-produced products.


flexible work hours; mentor program


Graphic design, proficient in key Adobe software

Company Description

ZIPIT® designs award winning pouches and bags that really stand out thanks to an original and unexpected approach to design. We believe that by creating products that are fun, original and well-made we encourage our customers to embrace their ‘child-like’ imagination and curiosity. At any age. Our main global focus market is Back To School and our core products are pencil cases and storage boxes. We also have a range of backpacks and lunch bags. Our products are always funny, smart, inspiring and affordable. Our team is driven to develop unique well-designed products from “concept to market”. We aim to match trends but combining this with innovative functionality, technology, material, or structure. This ensures that our products stand out and ‘shine’ in the crowded mass market.
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