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Why Israel

With more than 2,000 years of history, Israel is at the crossroads of some of the world’s major cultures and religions. There is no better place to spend time pursuing your passions and exploring yourself. 

Explore your passions

Whether you are interested in hi-tech innovation, community building, art, scientific research, renewable energy, music, language, or archaeology, Israel has an array of cutting-edge companies, socially conscious organizations, top-notch educational institutions, and warm communities that will welcome you during your program and help you build lifelong connections with both the people and the country of Israel.

Travel the country

Since Israel is a relatively small country, it's easy to travel from city to city during your free time. Use your weekends to experience the cultural scene in Tel Aviv, hike desert trails, or go back in time walking the ancient streets of Jerusalem. Many cities are only an hour’s bus ride from the center, so you’ll get to know the country like the locals do in no time.

Connect with the community

Israel is also home to people across the spectrum of religious and political beliefs, which makes it the perfect place to reflect on your own opinions and practices. Whatever your background, you will find avenues to build a deeper understanding of your traditions as well as to encounter perspectives different from your own.
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