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While You're There

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The Masa Israel Community. Make it yours.
Each year, more than 10,000 young Jewish adults from 42 countries embark on the journey of a lifetime on a Masa Israel program. The Masa Israel Community provides a forum for you to connect with participants from different programs and countries.
As a member of the Masa Israel Community, you can take part in highly subsidized extracurricular cultural, educational and social programming throughout the year, including:
  • Concerts, film screenings, theater and arts events
  • Seminars and lectures on Israeli politics and society
  • Leadership and advocacy training
  • Immersive mifgashim (encounters) with Israelis
  • Preparation for campus and Jewish life after you complete your Masa Israel program
This programming will extend your individual Israel experience beyond that of your program, enhancing your educational and cultural exposure and enabling you to make connections with Masa Israel participants from around the world.
Join the Masa Israel Community to learn about events and share your excitement with fellow participants. You can also connect with alumni from previous years to get advice before, during and after your trip.

Masa Israel Leadership Summit

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The Masa Israel Leadership Summit is an intensive, one-week learning and skill-building seminar for exceptional participants of Masa Israel programs from around the world.
The conference is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a strong and active Jewish leader through learning, leadership training, community service and connection with your home community.
By offering you dynamic and interactive programming, leadership training and a support network of peers from around the world, Building Future Leadership prepares you for active involvement in Jewish life when you return home. Learn more.