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Yom HaZikaron Masa fellows commemorate IDF soldiers and victims of terror at the largest ceremony for English speakers in Israel, which will be translated simultaneously into several languages.
This is a meaningful opportunity for thousands of Masa participants and Jewish Leaders around the world to identify and deeply connect to this unique day from a personal, communal and national perspective.
Every year we have 20,000 viewers from around the Jewish world join our broadcast on Facebook live stream. We encourage organizations and communities to join the ceremony.
This year, the theme of the ceremony is “In Their Footsteps,” in recognition of the determination exhibited by new immigrant soldiers who left everything behind and made Aliya in order to enlist in the IDF. We will try to follow the path of those who fell and the unique heritage they have left us. During the ceremony we will relate the story of the fallen, men and women soldiers as well as civilians who died during terrorist attacks, who have paved the way for us and left behind a legacy of values, identity and sacrifice.

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