Job Description

We’re looking for a Data Annotation & QA Analyst to join our team who can take on data annotation and validation tasks to support our Engineering team and critical QA tasks. The ideal candidate is looking to kick-start their career in a diverse environment, with a curiosity for cutting-edge technology in various fields including AI, Natural Language Processing, Data Engineering, and more.

– Collect, organize, and annotate data from various sources to ensure data integrity.
– Review and clean customer data before release.
– Conduct manual testing of our products, meticulously examining every feature to ensure unparalleled quality for customers.
– Identify and report bugs to the engineering team using ticketing software, providing clear and concise troubleshooting instructions.


flexible work hours; happy Hour


– Entry level: No degree or previous experience is required.
– Fluent in both English and Hebrew – a must.
– Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
– Independent mindset – you don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do and are comfortable working with ambiguity.
– A «Yes, I can!» attitude, with the ability to maintain positivity in high-pressure situations.
– Strong analytical skills, with an eye for detail that catches even the most elusive bugs.
– Able to maintain sharp focus, even on repetitive tasks.
– Basic proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.) as well as G-Suite – a must.

Company Description

Cinch is a startup backed by top-tier funds and investors providing an AI-driven, Supply Chain & Fintech solution to US mid-market and enterprise companies who deal with international shipping. The Cinch platform is a real-time logistics intelligence solution that helps logistics teams automatically capture, organize and analyze all their freight information, from quote to invoice to insight. The solution helps organizations save time and money, while also delivering business-critical insights about shipments, vendors, and the market.
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