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Daniel Aschheim

Director of Public Relations

Daniel Aschheim was born in Jerusalem, where he still lives today. Previously worked as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations of the Jewish Agency’s Project TEN.  Daniel holds an MA with honors in European Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He holds a BA from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) as part of the Argov Fellows honors program in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. Daniel was awarded the Israeli President's Annual Award for his work in the field of Student Council work. In the past Daniel interned at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv as a Social Policy Advisor to Ambassador Gould as well as at the Knesset, dealing with legislation, lobbying and Knesset committees. Daniel also represented Israel in Austria as part of a program of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also worked as Concierge at the King David Hotel and as a Senior Trainer in the business, public and education sectors of the Debate-Vayomar company.