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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
What sets the Center apart is the combination of the social and the economic dimensions, both in terms of the topics it deals with and the research methods that it adopts. The interaction between the economic models and the social models are reflected in the many studies conducted by the Center on economic reforms in Israel in an era of globalization: analysis of state budgets, socio-economic aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, voluntary national service: a cost-benefit analysis, the status of women in Israel, the identity of Israeli youth, social security and the socioeconomic standing of different sectors in the Israeli population. In addition, various analyses pertaining to Israel's delicate social fabric, such as the status of the Bedouin minority, and Israel's relationship with its neighbors in the region, suggest other ways in which this approach is being implemented in an effective manner. The Center also assesses and makes recommendations about policy issues, such as Israel's education system, the financial system, and the new world of work.

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