About Lagaat Bateva school

Central Israel
Min - 8-10 months
Lagaat Bateva is a new Montessori elementary school, founded by a group of parents in Moshav Mishmar Hashiva- a beautiful settlement with a warm community, only 10 minutes from Tel Aviv. The school goal is to provide an alternative educational model, based on the Maria Montessori method, in which the child takes responsibility for his educational process, builds self-confidence, responsibility, and independence, and preserves the joy of his natural learning while developing personally and academically. The school has targeted the creation of an educational environment that will cultivate the child's connection to nature through outdoor learning alongside the enrichment of technological learning in various fields such as robotics, electricity, etc. The school will open one class of 1st and 2nd graders in the year 2021-2022 and will grow to a 6-year elementary school in the years to follow. The academic staff at the school undergoes Montessori training and pedagogical guidance by the International Academy of Montessori Education AMI.

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