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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Hospital & Health Care
A public non-profit institution The Israeli Medical Center for Alzheimer’s was founded in 1994 as a public, not for profit association, and in July 2001 it opened as an active medical center. The land that the center was built on was donated by the Ramat Gan municipality and the construction costs were funded with the help of the Sophie and Abraham Stuczynski Foundation, the Claims Conference, National Insurance, ESHEL, and institutional and private donations. The Alzheimer’s center treats hundreds of patients a year, both in a long term care capacity, and as part of its diagnosis and counseling services. Numerous studies are conducted at the center and we collaborate with researchers at universities who spend a formidable amount of time and effort on research to improve the patients’ quality of life and care. One of our immediate goals is to expand the center’s activity in order to care for more patients, as well as to offer help and accessible solutions to outpatients. “Human dignity is our guiding light”, says Amotz Eliash, the center’s Chairman of the Board. “Human dignity is a measure of a civilized society. We want to give Alzheimer sufferers the best quality of life for their condition. We hope that the center will continue to be a role model for similar medical centers, and that the acknowledgement of how necessary solutions are for the elderly population will become a social norm. This is how the weak and vulnerable will have their dignity restored to when they were at their most vital.”

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