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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Start- Up
Foretellix tackles the most challenging barrier to autonomous vehicle deployment – Measurable Safety. It's verification platform allows a breakthrough in the ability to orchestrate and monitor millions of driving scenarios. We believe we can make a difference using our broad verification expertise, and we see it as our duty to help the automotive industry make AV’s safer by delivering a better verification solution. By doing that, we will help the industry reduce autonomous vehicles accidents and help save lives. There is no standard approach in today’s AV industry for verification of autonomous vehicles. Car vendors and regulators alike, are trying to figure out how to qualify, certify and supervise the deployment of autonomous vehicles on the roads. Foretellix‘s approach is answering this need based on proven verification techniques. Our vision is to deliver a scenario definition language, which will set the standard for the creation and certification of safe autonomous vehicles. This will bridge the gap between the advanced AV technology already available today, and the ability to put these driverless cars safely on the road. Our product is a comprehensive system verification framework (SVF) aimed at verification of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). This framework is based on approaches used in VLSI chip design, adapted and enhanced to meet the needs of AV verification. The foundation of the system is a Scenario Description Language (SDL). Our vision is to make SDL an open, standard language. SVF implements coverage driven validation, based on constrained-random SDL scenario generation. Those scenarios can run on multiple execution platforms ranging from simulation to street driving. SVF offers a flexible, cost efficient and comprehensive framework, addressing the full development process of autonomous vehicles.

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