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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Computer Software
Corsight AI creates industry-leading facial recognition with unrivaled speed, accuracy and privacy. Corsight is a subsidiary of Cortica, with proprietary technology based on Autonomous AI®, developed by top AI researchers and backed by more than 250 patents. Corsight facial recognition persists in almost complete darkness, extreme angles, moving crowds, low quality images and partially covered faces. The technology easily integrates with existing camera infrastructure, equipping security professionals with a powerful real-time and forensic solution to rapidly pinpoint persons of interest, stop immediate threats and ensure maximum safety. Our mission is to radically enhance the world of facial recognition technologies while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards in personal privacy protection. Corsight AI works with enterprise clients and government agencies in a variety of industries including aviation, law enforcement, retail, entertainment and more. Corsight AI has 35 employees and is headquartered in Israel, with offices in the US and UK and operations around the world.

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