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Central Israel
Min - 4-6 months
Fine Art
As a young girl Anat Perez was introduced to the world of fashion by her family of tailors, and has since continued to develop and refine her artistic vision and eye for fashion. Art has always been Anat's focus as well as an integral part of her identity; she channeled her artistic talents into the world of fashion and created the Anat Collection brand. During her 30 years of experience in this field, Anat has been providing her clientele with more than just accessories, but with uniquely designed jewellery with a soul, that also tells a beautiful story. Anat built Anat Collections with the goal of designing and creating timeless, trendy pieces of jewellery. Using a theory she placed into action that someone and something can remain desired and relevant for eternity. "When I design jewellery, it is important for me to see that it is worn with a big smile, a special feeling, and a good mood that is shared with people around." Anat Perez

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