Now that you’ve selected your internship(s), it’s time to choose an Internship Program from the options below that will facilitate the interview, placement, and program experience. What’s next?

  • Compare the details (pricing, amenities, location, etc.)
  • Select the dates you wish to arrive in Israel
  • Click ‘Apply Now’ to connect with the Internship Program and continue the process

For further explanation of how our internship programs work, see below:

Choose Your Internship Program

4 Internship Programs Found

Masa – Maslool PZC – Internships

PZC Hagshama
14 Reviews
Tel Aviv -Yafo
Min -
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Internship? High-tech? Art? Volunteer with children? Academic course? Israeli first aid course (MDA)? Live and volunteer on Kibbutz? Live in the center of Tel Aviv? YOU NAME IT – WE MAKE IT!

Maslool is a 4 to10 month program. Its' unique, modular approach allows participants to experience Israel in a tailored individual way. Participants design their own program:


>> YOU choose when to arrive

>> YOU choose where to live

>> YOU choose the duration

>> YOU choose what to do


You can also combine Maslool program with Kibbutz Ulpan. Kibbutz Ulpan is a 5-month multi-level language program sponsored by Masa Israel Journey that combines studying Hebrew, meeting amazing people from all over the world and having a unique experience of becoming part of a rural Israeli community, living and working alongside locals on a kibbutz.


The Maslool experience is supplemented by Hebrew learning, medical insurance, support by Madrichim (counselors), tours throughout Israel and cultural activities, which allow participants to get to know each other and explore the length and breadth of Israel.


View testimonials on YouTube:


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Rented Apartment(s)
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Masa – DESTINATION ISRAEL – Internship Tel Aviv

Israel Way LTD
449 Reviews
Tel Aviv -Yafo
Min - Between 4-6 months
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DESTINATION ISRAEL – The largest & longest-standing international internship experience in Tel Aviv with over 1,800 alumni! One of the most diverse Masa program providers; Participants ages 18-34+ represented from more than 50 different countries. We run the program 4 times per year (January, March, August, October). We have the most extensive internship database; hundreds of partnerships with different companies/organizations in all fields and areas of interest to offer you the best career opportunities in Israel.

Select from a variety of housing solutions at competitive prices to match your budget. You could live in a newly-built apartment complex with 24/7 security in the heart of Tel Aviv!

Other Items Included in the Program:

– Hebrew Ulpan lessons (delivered by a private language school)

– Trips all over the country – including Eilat

– Israeli medical insurance

– Unlimited metro pass


Early Bird Special – Register early and receive one free upgrade! Some examples: country club membership (gym, pool, fitness classes), krav maga lessons, surfing, yoga studio membership, extra Hebrew classes, and more!

Make new friends, boost your career, and develop personally & professionally near the Mediterranean Sea where summer lasts 300 days out of the year!

Masa Grants Available!

For More Info:

Check out our Program Video

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Masa – Career By Israel Experience

Israel Experience
105 Reviews
Tel Aviv -Yafo
Min - Between 4-6 months
More Info


Unleash your potential with Career Israel, a thrilling 5-month program for ambitious professionals over 21. Propel your career to new heights and immerse yourself in a vibrant new country.


Benefit from Career Israel's impressive track record of 15+ years collbaorating with renowned corporations as we offer exceptional internships across diverse fields. Our 2-step system provides personalized training, immersive visits, captivating events, Hebrew instruction, and more. You'll be fully equipped with everything you could possible need


Imagine waking up in Tel Aviv's heart, steps away from the sun-kissed beaches. Live in a sought-after location where everything is within reach. Gain invaluable international experience while working for an incredible company, fueling extraordinary career growth.


Break free from the ordinary! Explore, learn, and thrive with Career Israel. Immerse yourself in Tel Aviv's rhythm, forge connections, savor the culture, and embark on unforgettable adventures. Our unwavering support, including a personal Career Advisor, makes success a reality.


Our unique experience includes:


  • Unbeatable Housing: Nestled in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, our accommodations put you right at the center of it all. Experience the pulse of the city and revel in its dynamic energy.


  • Professional Excellence: Secure a coveted internship at a top global company, propelling your career to new heights. Gain invaluable hands-on experience and make impactful contributions in your field.


  • Global Connections: Expand your network and forge lifelong friendships with talented individuals from every corner of the world. Connect, collaborate, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Language Mastery: Immerse yourself in Hebrew classes tailored to your language proficiency level. From beginners to advanced learners, enhance your cultural experience and communication skills.


  • Unforgettable Experiences: Embark on exciting trips and engaging activities that allow you to explore all of Israel. Uncover hidden gems, savor authentic cuisine, and soak up the city's vibrant atmosphere.


  • Personalized Guidance: Benefit from the unwavering support of a dedicated Career Advisor throughout your entire journey. They'll be by your side, offering invaluable advice and mentorship for your success.


  • Lifelong Connections: Enjoy the benefits of our Alumni community that ensure your connection to Career By Israel Experience extends far beyond the program. Stay connected, access exclusive events, and continue to thrive.


Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to transform your career and immerse yourself in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Reach out to our friendly program advisor at to embark on a life-changing experience today!

ESTA TB.jpeg

Rented Apartment(s)
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Masa – Sachlav – Top Israel Interns

173 Reviews
Tel Aviv -Yafo
Min - Between 4-6 months
More Info


Ready to be exceptional in your field? Launch your career with Top Israel Interns. Learn from the best and gain invaluable professional experience while working in one of Israel’s most sought after internships.
With 5 month programs in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bat Yam, you’ll gain the full experience of being a young professional in Israel. Live in high-end, trendy apartment accommodation in the heart of these buzzing city centers, only moments away from the Machane Yehuda market (Jerusalem), or a 10 minute walk from the beach.
Top Israel Interns will match you with a Placement Coordinator who will assess your interests and professional goals, and then work to ensure that you are placed in an internship which will help you achieve your career objectives. To view our ever expanding network of Israel internship opportunities, please visit our Placements page.
Top Israel Interns also offer a Career Advancement Program, consisting of a series of workshops and lectures. These sessions are designed to give you the skills usually learned over decades of professional experience.  We bring outside experts in professional networking, resume and cover letter writing, self-branding and more! These experts come to work with you to ensure this experience will help you reach your professional goals in record time.
Aside from hands-on practical experience, you will also get a taste of life as a young professional in Israel. The Top Israel Interns 5 month program includes a Hebrew language course, along with weekly social activities and a variety of exciting trips around the country.
Our Admissions Team:
US: 1-646-741-3304
UK: 44-203-808-6656
IL:  972-7471-50156

Rented Apartment(s)
Make sure to select a date

What are Masa Organizers?

All Masa programs are run by official Masa organizers – companies that have vast experience in managing long-term programs in Israel.

Masa organizers take care of your stay in Israel from the very beginning, this includes everything from issuing visas to providing housing, creating and hosting social activities, setting up your Ulpan studies (Hebrew lessons), taking you on trips across the country, and even guiding you to the nearest grocery store.

In addition, organizers have placement coordinators that work as your go-to’s for everything regarding your internship, and will assist you in finding you the best fit.

How do you choose between them?

The programs and organizers differ in a few important ways:

  1. Their location in Israel, as well as housing and amenities
  2. Social and educational activities
  3. Program costs
  4. Dates and length of the program

Each organizer brings different added value to your program – you can also check out the grades under each program, which are based on personal reviews of Masa alumni.

*Please note: if you are eligible to receive a Masa grant, the program cost may be reduced. Use the “Masa funding calculator” (that small calculator icon next to the price) to estimate your program cost.

What’s next? Don’t worry – once you choose an organizer and complete your initial application, a representative will reach out to you to continue the process. Just apply, sit back, and relax.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Let’s start your journey!

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