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Posted January 3rd, 2018
by Heather Hammerling, MITF Netanya Over Hanukkah break, I had the amazing opportunity to show my mom around Israel! She flew in for 10 days, even though it went by quickly-she had a great time and I loved having her here.   We started in Netanya, and stayed at Hotel Margoa. It's a great hotel right near the beach and the city center. The price was great and you get a free breakfast buffet with your stay, so we were...
rebecca gutman
Posted December 17th, 2017
by Rebecca Gutman, MITF (Bat Yam)   Well the last couple weeks we have certainly been kept busy. Lots of teaching and seeing the children reach new milestones in their reading.   We did a review the other day of everything they had learnt so far and it was amazing at how much they remembered. It was a little bit of a slow start for them but now they are picking it up as fast as we are putting down.   The schools here do is...
Posted December 17th, 2017
My lesson this week is all about Hanukkah! I made a great poster! I had 5th and 4th grade lessons today. We discussed how I celebrate Hanukkah in the States with my family and how they celebrate in Beit She’an with their family. It was interesting trying to tell them that I usually say “nes gadol haya sham” (a big miracle happened there) while they say “nes gadol haya po” (a big miracle happened here). It was a bit...
Sunshine in the city
Posted December 6th, 2017
by Heather Hammerling, MITF Netanya   Yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach my students about the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving! The students had so much fun learning about all of the foods we eat and talking about all of the things that they are thankful for. For our activity, I had the students create "turkey crowns" that they could bring home and share with their families. Two of my fellow teachers who work...