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ben baginsky
Posted February 25th, 2018
By Ben Baginsky   On Masterchef Israel a couple weeks ago, the contestants were set a challenge to work in pairs to cook one dish. Throughout the challenge, one pair were in total agreement. Another pair were in total disagreement. In the end, the dish prepared by the ones who agreed was a disaster, and the opposing one wasn’t. One of those from the agreeing pair lost his place in the series.   In trying to understand what...
Weekend with Orly
Posted February 25th, 2018
  by Heather Hammerling, MITF Netanya     Over the weekend, one of the English teachers at my school invited me to her home for Shabbat. Her name is Orly, she teaches the 6th graders and we co-teach together once a week. From the first moment I met Orly, I liked her! She is extremely warm and a great English teacher. She lives in a town called Kfar Yona, which is about 20 minutes from Netanya. She not only...
 Brianna Pecsok
Posted February 25th, 2018
Q: Name, hometown, university, and current program and city? Brianna Pecsok, Cincinnati, Ohio, The Ohio State University 2014, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Netanya (Israel Outdoors Next)   Q: What has you experience been like so far, any special moments? So far I've had a phenomenal experience.  In some ways I feel like I'm back in university because I live so close to friends and we have a great community of fellows here in...
rebecca gutman
Posted February 12th, 2018
by Rebecca Gutman, MITF (Bat Yam) SO it’s been a while since my last post. Things have been picking up here.   Not only do we work in schools, but now we are volunteering, going to Ulpan (learning Hebrew) and have meetings with our pedagogical advisor. The new year has been filled with activity. We went on a tour of the old bullet factory (Ayalon Institute) on a Kibbutz. This was originally a training centre for people to...