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Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts to Bring Home from Israel

Posted June 19th, 2015

As programs wind down and Masa Israel participants prepare to head home, here are a few ideas for last-minute Father’s Day gifts to pick up before heading to the airport:


1. A cheesy tourist t-shirt


alt="hebrew coca cola shirt"

via israeli-T

It’s not his fault that Masa Israel wasnt around when he was younger, but he can still look like one of the cool kids.


2. A kippa that makes a statement


alt="kippa man jerusalem"

From sports mascots, to cartoon characters and rock n’ roll icons, he’ll be the talk of the town when the high holidays roll around.

3. Source Sandals


alt="source sandals"

He’ll probably embarrass your and wear them with socks, but that’s OK – you love him anyways.

4. Underwear from your favorite Israeli sports team


alt="maccabi tel aviv underwear"

via ebay

You finally have an excuse to buy these on your next grocery run at the shuk.

5. Israeli beer


a;t="homer simpson mmm beer"

…What Homer said…