What is the Translation of Ayn Lee Musag (אֵין לִי מֻסָּג) from Hebrew to English?

“אין לי מוסג” translates to “I don’t have patience” or “I can’t tolerate it” in Hebrew. It is used when you’re fed up or annoyed with a situation or someone’s behavior. This phrase conveys your frustration or impatience with a particular circumstance.

Examples of Ayn Lee Musag (אֵין לִי מֻסָּג) in Hebrew

For example, if someone is being persistently annoying, you might say, “אין לי מוסג” to express your exasperation. It indicates that your patience has run out, and you’re finding it difficult to tolerate the situation. “אין לי מוסג” is a straightforward and direct way to communicate your annoyance or frustration in Hebrew conversations. It’s a common expression used to express your emotional state honestly and clearly.

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