By: Rachel Blaifeder

Having an internship, living in Israel …what could be better!

But… how much would that cost? Whether you’re doing a four, five or ten month-long program, financial costs can range, but no need to research the costs on your own – we’ve done it for you! Below you can find a complete financial breakdown of having an internship in Israel.

First of all: How much does an Internship in Israel cost?

It varies. The cost to do a Masa Israel internship ranges from as low as $4,500 to as high as $10,500 (and even higher if partnered with a study abroad program in Israel). If you’re thinking this might sound expensive, these are the costs BEFORE the Masa Israel grant is applied!

All participants on aMasa Israel program are eligible for the grant. If you’re doing an internship for:

  • Four months – $2,400 off the program cost
  • Five months – $3,000 off the program cost
  • Ten months – $4,500 off the program cost

With the Masa grant, the cost to do an internship is a lot less expensive!

Alright, but how about amenities? Does the internship include housing? What about taking trips around Israel?

Masa Israel internships provide a LOT of accommodations! Every internship includes ulpan (Hebrew courses) and trips and tours around Israel . AND almost every internship includes housing (Gvahim is the only one that does not).

Let your worries about rent and hotel costs dissipate – our internships have got you covered!

Okay, but what about everyday living? How much will it cost to go out for dinner, or grab a drink with friends? 

All of our internships are located either in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, and the cost of food and drinks can vary.

Let’s first take a look at Tel Aviv. According to price of travel:

  • Budgeted lunch: 5-8 USD
  • Budgeted dinner: 7-12 USD
  • Glass of beer: 6-8 USD
  • Glass of wine: 4-7 USD
  • Cocktail at a nightclub: 11 USD
  • Now let’s take a look at Jerusalem. According to expatistan:
  • Basic lunch (including a drink): 14 USD
  • Basic dinner (two people): 50 USD
  • Beer in a neighborhood pub: 7 USD
  • Cocktail in a nightclub: 11 USD

How about transportation?

According to onestep4ward, transportation costs about 5 USD an hour, so a bus trip from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (which takes about two hours) would cost about 10 USD. Not bad!

And what if I plan on food shopping and cooking for myself?

Also do-able! According to expatistan:

One pound of chicken breast – 5 USD

One liter of whole milk – 1.50 USD

Dozen Eggs – 4 USD

Two pounds of tomatoes – 1.20 USD

Bread – 2 USD

And there it is! A complete financial breakdown of a professional development oppurtunity in Israel . The only question is…are you ready for the journey?

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