Jonathan Fogelson | Masa Israel

Jonathan Fogelson
participant year: 
Fall 2009
Upon graduating in the thick of the recession without knowing whether I wanted to pursue child psychology or animal behavior in graduate school, I knew that Career Israel was the right fit at the right time.
My work with monkeys at the zoo was multifaceted and absorbing. In addition to taking part in their everyday care, I observed and sometimes assisted in their training. The goal is to help the gorillas and orangutans recognize their individual body parts, which enables them to accomplish new tasks and tricks. The highlight of my day was when I first got to work each morning and was consistently greeted by one of the monkeys. As I approached his area, he met me and pet my hand. For someone who may want to work in animal behavior, the daily face time with the monkeys is a truly valuable experience.
Aside from the internship, I greatly enjoyed post-college life in Tel Aviv. Living in the center of the city on King George Street, I had easy access to the beach, restaurants, and clubs. I’ve gotten to know the small pubs where locals gather. There are also countless museums and festivals to attend. Though my American accent indicates that I am American, I felt as though I was ingrained in Israeli society. 
After Career Israel, I hope to use my experiences with animals to work in a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, and eventually apply to graduate school. At a time when jobs are scarce, the internship had definitely helped me gain professional experience, while enjoying life as a college graduate.