Shoshana Gottesman

WUJS Israel
Hometown: Houston, Texas
WUJS Track: Jerusalem Internship & Arts
College: University of Miami Frost School of Music
Major: Music, International Studies & Public Relations
Why did you decide to take 6 months and come to Israel?
Since my sophomore year in university, I knew that I wanted to spend time in Israel after graduation. The only question was, which program was the right one for me. Luckily, I found WUJS and so far, so good!
What are you doing while on WUJS?
I am interning for Heartbeat Jerusalem, an international community of musicians, teachers, and students that are transforming conflict and creating mutual understanding through the power of music. In other words, Heartbeat brings together Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli youth to make music together and engage in peacemaking activities. As well, I plan on giving a recital at the end of the program on the viola.
What are you looking forward to the most?
It is hard to say what I’m necessarily looking forward to the most as I’m already living the dream. It will be exciting to see how my internship with Heartbeat Jerusalem progresses over the next few months.
Where else have you traveled in the world?
I am very lucky to have been brought in a family that loves traveling. In fact, many say that I have caught the “travel bug”. I have visited countries in South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. My most recent adventures were to Tunisia this past summer to run a music festival for Tunisian youth and to Damascus, Syria on a George Mason University course about Reflection & Practice in the fields of conflict resolution and citizen diplomacy.
What Israeli food are you hoping to eat a lot of during your time in Israel?
The hardest question of them all! There is a specific restaurant in the Old City that has the best hummus ever, so hopefully I’ll become a frequent visitor.