Sarah Chin

Israel Government Fellows
My journey with Masa started a few years ago. The Israel Government Fellows (IGF) Program was mentioned to me but at the time it was not a consideration. I had to finish my master's degree and find a job. However as time passed the program once again was brought to my attention and it seemed like a good time to go; it was after all my last chance. I was 30 and that was the age cut-off.
I then applied and was accepted to the 2012-13 IGF Program. Thanks in large part to my Masa grants, I was able to attend. After about a month or so worth of lectures and ulpan (Hebrew language classes), I started my internship at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in the UN & International Organisations Division. Under the mentorship of Mr. Ron Adam and staff, I have worked on various projects, attended meetings, and expanded my knowledge and understanding of the Israeli position in international diplomacy.
The opportunity to sit in on incredibly interesting meetings between my mentor, other MFA staff and various United Nations officials, to edit reports, aid in writing statements, and conduct research on Israel's relationship with various UN bodies has allowed me to not only expand my skill set but contribute as well; and to feel, as a Jew, to be in some small way contributing to the State of Israel which is irreplaceable.  Another one of my duties has involved part of Israel's new branding efforts; I have been a moderator of the Green Israel Facebook Page.  Shameless plug:  PLEASE GO TO AND LIKE THIS PAGE! This page has allowed me to learn and share in great detail the latest green technologies and sustainable development news coming out of Israel by posting articles, updates, pictures and videos.
I came on this program because I decided it was one thing to advocate for Israel from America, it was another to do it from Israel. Being in Israel, seeing how the Foreign Ministry deals with international bodies like the UN, how they operate in a system seemingly stacked against it has been educational and eye opening. There is no comparing my experience and time here at the MFA, while quickly coming to a close, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to a great mentor and great staff, I have learned far more than I expected and despite all the challenges, I am very thankful to have been a participant in this program.
Photo by GlassHat Media