Repair Interview: Shoshana Wineburg and the Yahel Social Change Program

Yahel is a new and exciting addition to the world of Jewish service (and also a Repair the World grantee). Founded by Dana Talmi, the organization, which is less than a year old, is already making huge strides in promoting service in Israel. Their programs work to create a society where “people to work side by side in order to bring about personal and social change.”
Yahel’s Social Change Program invites young adults for a 5-month program where they live and work with the Ethiopian community in Gedera, Israel, combining hands-on volunteer work with learning and cultural immersion. The first Yahel cohort just finished up their first session, and five of the six volunteers decided to stay on for another session. (They were recently joined by three new participants.)
One of those participants, Shoshana Wineburg, took some time to speak with Repair the World about living in community, the Ethiopian residents of Gedera, Israel, and what it means to “live social change.”

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